"The symbolic use of marimba and glockenspiel was especially effective, but it was Lies Beijerinck's improvisation on the didgeridoo with its deep, primeval tones that held me spellbound..."

This Precious Earth at Wakefield Cathedral

By Robert Cowan



"Lies Beijerinck’s didgeridoo vigorously captured the power of flora and fauna. I was mesmerized by the constantly droning tone of wood, which Lies managed to gracefully double with a wide variety of animal callings, growls, screams and puffs".

From Ubirr at Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ

By Rutger Muller


"The highlight of this festival for me was when 3ple-D from the Netherlands took the stage and what a stage performance it was! Wow!

Lies, she can play as good as any male, and why not? More women should take up & learn the didge. Total admiration & respect to Lies."


By Johnny (mojo) Murby


"Easily the best solo performance of the whole festival is that of Lies Beijerinck."

"The audience erupts!"

International Didgeridoo Festival in Spain

By Holger Schütz


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 Lies Beijerinck

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